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Back to School Home Organizing Tips

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The lazy, crazy days of summer are on the wane. Are you ready to get the kids back to school? Here are some ideas to get you reorganized and re-energized for the new academic year.

Ease into your schedule — Practice earlier bedtimes and getting up to an alarm the week before they’re required. Create a morning checklist, written on a fun chalkboard or colorful poster in your child’s room so they know what is expected every morning; this is especially helpful for dawdlers and daydreamers. Can’t get by without TV in the morning? Set a requirement that everyone must be dressed and done with breakfast by the time the show’s over.

Plan to plan — Put up a big, easy-to-read calendar for major activities where everyone can see it. Paper is great, but a peel-and-stick dry-erase wall decal is a fun and fashionable choice, plus it’s easy to move and doesn’t leave holes in the wall. The modern family can also set up their phones to share calendars and set reminders electronically.

Make a practice run — If the kids are just starting kindergarten or starting a new school, or you’ve finally set up that carpool you’ve been meaning to organize, make sure you get your timing down with a dry run out to the campus and then off to work or wherever you need to be. Remember to allow for more traffic and longer wait times once the buses and school commuters are back on the road as well.

Check in for a check-up — Is everyone up to date on shots? Do you need signed sports physicals and releases? Don’t leave them till the last minute or your little athlete could start the season benched.

Conquer the kitchen – The start of the school year is a great time to kick off menu planning. You can do your prep on Sunday as a family to make afterschool events and homework run more smoothly and not interfere with dinner. Another simple yet effective tip: Make lunches –theirs and yours – the night before.

Nighttime setups — While you’re packing up those lunches, why not organize a few more chores the night before to make the morning just a little less hectic? Set out the next day’s outfit, from underwear to outerwear. Pack up bags and backpacks and ensure homework makes it back to school. You can even put breakfast dishes on the table to save a few precious moments in the morning.

Create Homework Central — It doesn’t matter if kiddo likes to work in his room alone or at the kitchen table where he can see what’s going on. A tub filled with homework tools and supplies can be easily moved, sorted and restocked. Get a list from your kids’ teachers to know what is important to have on hand.

There’s always a bit of mayhem associated with school mornings, but if you start the new school year with these time-saving organizational tips, you can cut back on the craziness and keep control over your time and home!

Author: Ryan Riggins (RA)

Born and Raised on Oahu my approach to the real estate business is different than most agents working in the industry today. The average agent sells fewer than 7 homes a year while attempting to manage every aspect of the business all by themselves. This approach allows them very little time working directly with buyers and sellers because they are so overwhelmed with all the busy work that is required behind the scenes. My system allows me to spend 90% of my time working directly with clients who want to buy and sell real estate today and in the very near future. Here at John Riggins Real Estate we have been helping families move since 1977. We specialize in the Aiea to Kapolei area but not limited to Ewa Beach area. To see all the great ways we help buyers and to view what differentiates us from the typical realtor in the area, visit http://tinyurl.com/clientsuccessstorys Because of Ryan's Military Relocation Expertise, Ryan's success revolves around that same simple principle his Mother and Father instilled in him; serving those who serve our country. His track record shows that he puts his clients first and in a high paced market, he is making VA loans work for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. With previous clients ranging from E-5's to 04's, Ryan is ready and willing to make sure all those who have served our country, have every opportunity to own their piece of it. For the majority of people the purchase or sale of a home is their largest single investment. My goal is to guide you successfully and easily through the contractual, investment, and emotional decisions involved in the Real Estate process. I am committed to providing you, your family and your friends with superior service and expertise and to make it the most memorable purchase of your life.

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